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Why Men’s Bracelets Are the Must-Have Summer Accessory

June 25, 2021

Men who know how to dress well have a secret: style is in the details.

It really only takes one gorgeous, well-made accessory in the right colour (whether it’s a pop of something bright like the vibrant Cupid sailing rope bracelet or a sophisticated neutral like the Black Middy leather bracelet) to transform a forgettable outfit into a trendsetting example of men’s FASHION.

Sun’s Out, Fun’s Out

With the hot summer temperatures here, that means everyone is wearing less clothing. If you want to make a style statement, you really have to make everything you wear count.

Here’s where jewellery can make the difference between an outfit that flies under the radar and one that turns heads. A glint of silver or a streak of colour on your wrist catches the eye and sets the tone for your entire look.

Boing offers everything from smart, elegant options that complement a work outfit to casual, funky options to go with your coolest streetwear.

Men’s Jewellery That Fits Your Lifestyle

As an active man, you need jewellery that fits your lifestyle and can go with you rock climbing, surfing, sailing, swimming, biking...wherever.

Boing men’s bracelets are handmade from the same materials that are used in the toughest outdoor activities: climbing rope, sailing rope, stainless steel rigging, and good old-fashioned leather. It goes where you go, giving you effortless style that transitions seamlessly from day to night and beyond.

You can make your Boing men’s bracelet truly your own with clasps that you can customise with a choice of plating (PVD, silver, gold, and more) and personal engravings. Plus, they’re magnetic so they won’t fall off when you’re out living your life.

The days may be long, but the season is short, so don’t wait to stock up on your summer Boing bracelets.

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