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Simple Mens Bracelets

April 19, 2023

Arm candy just got a lot sweeter with the addition of this season's most coveted men's accessory – simple mens bracelets. When considering men's style, don't overlook the classic charm a simple men’s bracelet can add to an outfit. A bracelet is a form of self-expression. It can elevate a look, impart a mood, or even symbolise a cause. So, what will your bracelet say about you?

Developing Your Style

For decades, there has been controversy over whether men should accessorise and to what degree. But now, more than ever, self-expression is not only encouraged but celebrated. So, if you're new to the accessory game, here are some tips to help you make the perfect selection.

Go for Practicality

Choose a bracelet that won’t get in the way. So, if you’re in the boardroom, consider a classy leather bracelet that will complement your formal business attire, coordinate with your high-end watch, and keep from clanking against the boardroom table. After all, you want your accessory to be a subtle hint of sophistication, not an annoyance that gets in the way.

Add a Little Adventure

If you rock a more casual attire or like to let loose on the weekend, then the rope bracelet is probably more your speed. No matter your adventure, there's a bracelet to match your agenda. Consider the climbing rope bracelet, the sailing rope bracelet, or the softie rope bracelet to let your style and inhibitions break free.

Get Colorful

Sure, basic black is always a safe bet. But, sometimes, adding a hint of colour can add visual interest to an outfit. More than that, colours can be a great way to express your personality or passions. Remember, colours have meaning. So, let the colour of your bracelet tell a story about what causes you support or what movements you are part of. Even better, band the bros together and get matching bracelets to unite your style for a cause.

Stack It

The more, the merrier when it comes to wrist accessories. So, stack that watch and your go-to bracelet. You can even stack several bracelets to mix and match styles. Or, consider wearing a bracelet on each arm – because you have two for a reason!

Take it Anywhere

Your bracelet can go from the gym to the office and everywhere in between. As long as you have the right fit and suitable material, your bracelet is made to go where you do. And since you're now open to stacking bracelets, how about adding that fitness tracker to your stack? Now you're really ready for the gym.

Coordinating Your Look

While you may buy just one bracelet and let it be your signature piece, some people choose to coordinate accessories with occasions or special attire. So, know how to buy the best bracelet to suit your lifestyle and fashion choices.

Everyday Looks

If you’re looking for an everyday bracelet, consider a neutral tone that will blend with any outfit. It may work best to coordinate with another accessory that you already wear daily – such as a watch or a ring. Also, consider which material will offer the most versatility for your lifestyle.

Formal Fashion

Attend a lot of formal functions? Then these tips are for you! There are two ways to signify elegance and formality – colour and material. Black is a timeless, classy hue associated with black tie attire and power. So, a black rope bracelet will complement your Rolex, your power suit, and even your wedding tux. Or, you can opt for the material that has been considered manly since the dark ages – leather. Either way, you can guarantee your accessory will only elevate your look when you opt for black or leather.

Workout Wear

Sure, we already told you that wearing a bracelet to the gym is acceptable, but how do you know what bracelet suits your active lifestyle? Be mindful of your selection. Generally, you don't want to let leather get wet (or sweaty), so a rope bracelet will be your best option when planning a gym visit.

Standout Style

If you want to stand out, experiment with your fashion choices. You can choose from bracelets that are made from every type of material and in every colour. So, go bold. Try a chunky bracelet or a bright red hue to show your fiercer side.

Colour Cues

Colours tell a story. You may choose a colour to express your mood. Maybe you select a colour to show support for a cause. Or, perhaps you just decide to wear your favourite colour. Let the hue you wear give a cue about who you are.

Bracelets With Meaning

In today's evolved society, a bracelet is more than just a fashion symbol; it is a form of self-expression. Never has that been more evident than in recent months. If you're a fan of the royal family, you probably took note of the release of King Charles' new portrait since starting his reign. But did you notice the unique fashion accessory included in the portrait? You guessed it, a bracelet.

While it’s stylish, black braided with red beads and gold trim, it’s not the look that is most alluring. Rather, the meaning behind the bracelet brings greater interest. As reported in the Guardian, the bracelet was a gift that symbolises advocacy on climate change and sustainability. It was bestowed upon King Charles during his meeting with Domingo Peas, the Ecuadorian Amazon's Achuar community leader. During their encounter, the men held discussions about the implementation of global biodiversity plans. As a result, the bracelet worn by King Charles has become a style icon representing these discussions.

In essence, wearing the bracelet in a royal portrait offers a visual reminder of King Charles's efforts to champion eco issues. Without saying a word, King Charles has selected an accessory that reveals a relaxed vibe and advocates for environmental sustainability.

Style Icons Sporting Bracelets

The bracelet isn’t just a fashion accessory of the royal family. Elite men all over the world are embracing the bracelet trend. From actors to athletes, the bracelet is the most embraced accessory by iconic males. So, as you look for style inspiration, consider the waves these men are making. 

Actors have professional stylists helping them dress for onscreen roles and red-carpet events, so accessories are always on point for the stars in the spotlight. But even when the paparazzi catch a glimpse of stars just out for a casual stroll, accessories have become a staple in many actors' wardrobes. Take, for instance, Liam Hemsworth, Jonny Depp, and Aaron Paul - these men radiate authenticity and personal style. It's common to see them sporting a bracelet to finish off every look.

Likewise, athletes are becoming more focused on accessorising their outfits. In the sports that allow it, some athletes even wear bracelets or necklaces while playing. Considering how superstitious athletes can be, it's no wonder they are creatures of habit. When an athlete wins a big game with a bracelet on, you better expect to see that bracelet worn during every game to follow. Like Michael Jordan's superstitious habit of wearing his UNC shorts under his Bulls jersey, a bracelet can have the same superstitious winning power tied to an athlete’s performance. Therefore, you’ll see a wide range of athletes sporting a bracelet. Check a photo of football superstar Odell Beckham Jr. or basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal, and you’ll see their faithful bracelet selections.

Some athletes even choose to use colours as part of their traditions. Basketball player Lamar Odom wears two yellow bands when playing home games and two black bands when away. Football player Carson Wentz of the Eagles always pays homage to his team with his green bracelet. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback chooses to wear bracelets to show his support for important causes.

These celebrities know how to make an accessory work for them, and so can you.

The Top 5 Reasons You Need a Simple Mens Bracelet

Still trying to decide if a bracelet is the simple men's accessory that can elevate your style? Well, the answer is yes. Here are the top five reasons to jump on the bracelet-wearing bandwagon:

  1. It has been a chosen accessory by kings for hundreds of years. If it’s good enough for a king, isn’t it good enough for you?
  2. It’s a symbol of status, luck, and style – and who wouldn’t want to embody all of that?
  3. It’s a great way to show you’re connected to a community – through a cause, a movement, or a culture.
  4. It draws others to you. That eye-catching bracelet can be the prompter to help a stranger strike up a conversation and even forge a new friendship.
  5. It’s an expression of your personal style, and it’s always important to show your authentic self to the world.

So What’s Your Style

Whether you're a rugged, outdoorsy guy or sophisticated and straightforward, there’s a bracelet to help you step up your style game. Show off your masculine spirit with the simple men’s bracelets from Boing.

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