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How to Choose the Perfect Men’s Bracelet Colour

July 5, 2021

Men's jewellery does more than just enhance your look—it can change your mood and outlook

Have you ever heard that people eat more or less food depending on what colour their plates are? Or that hospitals specifically paint their walls in blue and green tones because it’s proven to be relaxing and to promote healing?

These are just two examples of how powerful colour really is in our daily lives.

That’s why we offer Boing bracelets in a rainbow of colours, to suit every type of man and every type of occasion. So you can feel how you want to feel while you’re out taking life by the horns and doing what active Boing men do.

So how exactly do you choose the perfect bracelet colour for your personality, your mood, your style, and your life?

It’s actually dead simple. Here’s what to do.

Men’s jewellery that looks great no matter what the occasion

Think about what you’ll be doing and how you want to feel.

Going to a wedding? Give your suit a little extra swagger with a black leather Boing bracelet with a PVD clasp.

Hitting the seaside on a holiday? Create a head-turning beach look with a Boing bracelet in Aztec blue.

If you ask us, there’s no occasion where men’s fashion shouldn’t include a cool bracelet. Just choose a colour that fits the situation and your personal style and you’re good to go.

Boing has a range of designs that are rugged, durable, and fastened with a sleek magnetic clasp that not only looks ultra-cool, but also ensures your bracelet won’t slip off no matter what you get up to, whether it’s dancing until dawn at your mate’s wedding or diving in the ocean on holiday.

Smart, casual, leather, or rope with clasps made of PVD, silver, or gold, Boing bracelets are available in every style so you can add the perfect finishing touch to every outfit.

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