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Product Sizing

It is essential that for wrist and ankle bracelets you measure the circumference of these firmly with a piece of string, shoe-lace or something similar and then put this against a ruler to see your circumference in cms. If your wrist is 17.5cms we would recommend that you always round up to the nearest whole cm, i.e. 18cm then select this in the drop-down menu.

We always work from a fixed wrist circumference and do not simply offer 2 or 3 bracelet lengths as we offer several different thicknesses of rope and this means we use more of a Chunky diameter rope (e.g. 9-10mm) than we do for a Skinny (5-6mm) rope for the same sized wrist, so we have to adopt this method. We make every bracelet by hand based on your measurement and build in a little slack to ensure an optimum fit.

To avoid incorrect sizing please measure the circumference carefully. A rough guide - A Small (16cm) fits an average slim woman and a Large (18cm) fits an average slim man if unsure.


Wrist bracelets, including Steel Rigging bracelets - we offer 5 different sizes from S – 16 to XL - 20cms inclusive.

Ankle bracelets with Steel Clasps - we offer 5 different sizes from 16-26cms inclusive, jumping in increments of 2cms.

Solid Silver cuff bracelets are available in 3 sizes, Small, Medium and Large with an inner diameter end to end of 6.2cm, 6.8cm and 7.8cms. This equates to wrist circumferences of 16-17cm, 17-18cms and 18-19.5cm

Rings are only available in R, U and X sizes meaning an inner diameter of 58.5mm, 62.9mm and 66.5mm respectively.

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