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Product Care

Please be aware of the following care instructions as failure to follow them may invalidate your guarantee.


For light marks on rope just use warm water, soap and a soft brush, squeeze out excess water using kitchen towel and allow it to dry naturally. For stubborn stains on sailing and climbing rope bracelets you can put your bracelet inside a sock on a low, short temperature cycle (30 degrees) in a washing machine. Ensure the colour cycle is appropriate.

The stainless steel clasp can be cleaned with a soft cloth, or if needed, soap and water and then allow it to dry properly with the clasp open.

Be aware that the clasp is made of very high quality 316L stainless steel and not being the hardest of metals is susceptible to scuffs and tiny scratches if it comes into contact with other hard surfaces.

If used in salt water you must rinse the clasp in fresh water as the neodymium magnets are water resistant, not seawater proof so prolonged contact will cause the nickel to corrode and this is not covered by our guarantee, if the magnet is scratched this process will occur far quicker.


Our new and improved Solid Silver clasps are tarnish resistant. They are a solid base of sterling 925 silver which have then been plated with 5 microns of 999 solid silver.

To prevent wear and any potential damage we recommend that you use a good quality jeweller's silver cloth, we provide one for this purpose for you, so use it regularly before any tarnishing could occur. Always remove silver jewellery before showering or swimming as silver can react with salt, chemicals and chlorine, silver does not like being wet for prolonged periods. Silver is a soft metal and it will naturally scratch and mark if knocked or scraped against a harder material. We also recommend to keep it out of direct sunlight when not being worn.


We have dramatically improved the quality and durability of our precious metal clasps. We have now introduced both a Rose Gold and 18kt Yellow Gold plated Solid Sterling 925 Silver clasp. Both clasps have a plating of 2 microns and with due care will surpass their 1 year guarantee.

Always remove jewellery before showering or swimming as gold and ruthenium can react with chemicals including seawater and chlorine. Specifically if you expose any form of gold to household bleach it will rapidly discolour or disintegrate. They are all far softer metals than most other metals and will all scratch or mark if knocked or scraped against a harder material.

When not being worn metals they are best stored without exposure to sunlight - within the soft pouch that they come in is ideal.


Our newest and most technically advanced durable clasps are our 7mm Middy clasps in PVD coating, or Physical Vapour Deposition coated clasps with anthracite carbide.

They have a lustrous poised deep graphite look, they do not tarnish and are so hard they are resistant to most scratches.

The coating was developed for ultra hard-wearing items, in the fields of the military, medicine, internal parts for engines and more recently used for value watches and chronographic instruments.

The actual material we use is a base layer of titanium then layered with Titanium aluminium carbo nitride.

The colour is anthracite and its hardness is measured as 2500-3500 HV on the Vickers scale. The clasps combine exceptional wear and corrosion resistance with toughness and all come with a 1-year guarantee.


Leather must not be exposed to water, if a leather braid bracelet is worn whilst showering or swimming the life span will shorten dramatically and the guarantee specifically excludes any damage from water. Using a leather protective spray can help repel water but always read the instructions. For light stains use a mild solution of soap and water (ten parts water to one part soap) however apply gently and with a white cloth and then blot rinse dry with a clean towel. Finally let it air dry.

Leather will also naturally wear over time like most natural materials and our guarantee excludes leather damage arising from water or wear.

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